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The Importance of Regular Dog Grooming


This article has been written in partnership with Sadie Rutter, professional dog groomer from The Ulti-Mutt Groomer.

As dog enthusiastic keeping our dogs happy, fit and healthy are priorities which we strive to achieve. However dog grooming isn’t all about just keeping our dogs looking good, it also keeps them feeling great.

Spa session

Who doesn’t love a cheeky trip to the spa when they feel in need of a pamper, why should our four legged friends be any different? Not only do the dogs get a bath and blow dry the treatments at the dog groomers can include a teeth cleaning, paw moisturising treatments, blueberry facials and nail file.

Health check

When you and your dog build up a relationship with your chosen local groomer, it doesn’t take long for the professional dog groomer to get to know your dog. Not only the important things like their favourite dog treat and pull toy, but also their behaviour, lumps and bumps and coat. As a dog groomer I regularly am bringing things to the attention of my customers, things I noticed whilst grooming their dog. Whether it be a new skin condition, a waxy ear, or a stuck grass seed. Dog groomers touch every inch of your dog during their groom, and how often as an owner are you peering inside your dog’s ears, in-between their toes and looking at their teeth?

Coat health

My priority as a dog groomer is to ensure the dogs leaving the salon have a coat which is comfortable, and not leading to any discomfort. Through a lack of understanding and education some dogs with more difficult coats can become severely matted, and knotted if not regularly brushed. A lot of owners I deal with are striving for their dog to have a fluffy or curly coat, often described as a ‘Teddy Bear Trim’.

Dog groomers top tip - be practical.

One thing I often say to my customers when discussing the style of haircut they desire for their dog is, ‘Is that practical for your day to day life?’ . If you have the time to brush your dog for up to an hour a day then of course, have the long flowing coat. However if you are busy, and this isn’t an achievable task to add to your routine, then a more maintainable shorter trim may be easier for upkeep. This way the dog does not have to suffer with matting or knots, which will lead to skin irritation, and the dog being uncomfortable or worse case in pain.

What type of groom cut should my dog have?

Ask your dog groomer’s advice on your dog’s coat and the different trims available for your dog. They will be able to advise you on ways to make your dog’s coat more maintainable for your life. A lot of groomers will offer a bath and brush service in between their grooms to help you keep on top of your dog’s coat, or advise you on the best brushes you need to use on you beloved pooch.

I often reflect upon my own four legged friends grooming routine. I have come to the conclusion that they do receive more haircuts me…. but I think they have better hair then I do!!


Blog Author.

A big thanks goes out to Sadie Rutter from Ulti-Mutt Groomers in Christchurch Dorset for her expert advice on the importance of regular dog grooming. If you would like to contact Sadie you can do so at theulti-muttgroomer.co.uk, or via The Ulti-Mutt Groomer Facebook. Keep an eye out for more articles by Sadie coming soon.